We’re unlike any company you’ve ever worked with or for. We capitalize on our small but mighty team, utilizing our collective insight, experience, and mindset to transform overlooked opportunities into game-changing solutions.

Our Story

UNICYCIVE was founded in August 2016 by Shalabh Gupta, MD, with the goal of building a company to solve the most pressing unmet medical needs in renal diseases.

In 2018, Dr. Gupta licensed our first two technologies—UNI-494 and Oxylanthanum Carbonate (OLC)—with the help of a small but mighty team of industry-leading researchers and developers. Over the last five years our team has worked tirelessly to refine the technologies and help realize their full potential in patients with kidney diseases. In the process, we created a unique biotech system to prospect, unearth, refine, and create value with other technologies and in other disease states that also have pressing unmet medical needs.

As we advance our existing technologies, we continue to look opportunistically for additional assets by identifying potential that others miss and partnering with promising therapeutic candidates that match our vision and mission. Our goal as an organization remains intently focused on bringing to market game-changing solutions quickly and efficiently for indications where patients continue to go underserved.

At Unicycive, we know that only together can we advance science and medicine to make the biggest impact for patients, physicians, investors, and the healthcare community at large.


Bring innovation and value to the most underserved patients on the planet.


To build the world’s most advanced biotechnology system for finding, refining, and commercializing promising disease-modifying therapies quickly and efficiently.

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Our core values


It’s not enough to see the potential that others miss, we must do something meaningful with it. Finishability means completing the task to create value in the near term.

This is a relay, not a marathon.

2. mentality.

In our pursuit to transform overlooked opportunities into game-changing medicines, we adopt an underdog mindset—never looking back, but marching forward with ideas and optimism.

It’s the underdogs who deliver truly game-changing therapies.

3. collaboration.

We’re united around our passion to bring to market therapies that shift the landscape of healthcare. In our relentless pursuit, we must collaborate and connect with patients, HCPs, and investors.

We may be small, but together we are mighty.


We’re pioneering advancements in science and medicine for the most underserved populations. But to create a better tomorrow, we must apply scientific rigor and look beyond what’s been done before.

Yes, we’re ambitious and we refuse to fail.


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